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Travel routes to Iris Cottages

There are international airports in Southern Cyprus at Larnaca and Paphos. In addition there are sea ports at Larnaca and Limassol.

Travel via Paphos (Pafos) International Airport - The recommended option

Paphos airport is small and friendly, which means that transfer through passport control and customs is usually quick and hassle free. You are then only 15 minutes away, by car or taxi, from Iris Cottages. The taxi rank is usually well serviced and the fare from the airport to Iris Cottages is around 25 euro, depending upon the time of day you arrive. (See also below for car hire options)

Travel via Larnaca

Larnaca airport is at the Eastern end of the island, about 90 minutes drive from Iris Cottages on a good motorway. You might choose Larnaca rather than Pafos because of flight availability and sometimes the fares are lower. More flights operate at Larnaca including some long haul stop-overs. From the Middle East, Larnaca is the only option.

Flight availability and airline links

Schedule and charter flights operate at both Pafos and Larnaca; Out of season (November to early April) flights are available from most international airports in Europe but at reduced frequency, between April and October the number of flights greatly increases.

Some Hints When Looking for Flights

  1. Wednesday flights are cheaper and more plentiful.
  2. Book early to get the best prices at peak holiday times.
  3. Check what is available via the websites then try the tour operator or a travel agent for a more convenient or cheaper flight.
  4. Consider the reliability of the airline.
  5. Flights to Paphos are easier but less frequent than flights to Larnaca.
  6. Don't forget the travel insurance....

Flights from Britain

There are flights from all the major and many regional airports to Cyprus. Charters often have less leg room or service but your choice may depend on availability, accessibility and price.

Airlines operating scheduled flights British Airways Cyprus Airways Easyjet Globespan Monarch Airlines - scheduled to Larnaca GB Airways - (now belong to Easy Jet) Jet2 - from May 2008

Airlines operating charter flights Excel Airways (many complaints about this one) Air 2000
Thomas Cook/MyTravel Britannia/Thomson

Charter flights can be found and booked via the web. Travel agents can also help (and sometimes give you a better price). Late booking deals are available from many websites (eg. Charterflight Centre, see link below) and teletext. Booked say 6 weeks or less before departure you should get reductions. At busy times however - Christmas, Easter, school half terms - you are unlikely to find last minute bargains.

Flights from the UK to Larnaca, Cyprus Paphos, Cyprus  book online with

Flights from the UK to

Most of the charter airlines operate at least one flight to Cyprus on Wednesdays from May to October; it is definitely UK arrival day at Paphos and Larnaca. Sunday is the other popular day but you can get both charter and scheduled flights most days from most regions.

Flights from other countries

If you are not starting from Britain the following European airlines also fly to Cyprus

Airlines operating from airports outside UK Air Austria Air Berlin Czech Airlines Eurocypria Lufthansa

Flights from Scandinavia

If you are starting from Scandinavia try the following links. If you cannot get a direct flight you might find it easier to fly via Britain as there are numerous flights from Manchester and the London Airports - some daily.

Airlines operating from scandinavian airports Solfaktor Norway - searches include Ving; Apollo 'kun fly'. See also & Ving Norway. See also See also Startour Norge. See also Fritidsresor Sverige (= startour) =